Exciting Stuff......

.....I'm so excited. I've signed up for this online Home EC class with Leigh-Ann, Rachel & Courtney. I can't wait! It starts Aug 10th

I also have some other exciting news too but I can't say yet. Actually there's a couple of things (which will be revealed over time). I know I'm a tease huh??

ETA: I just got some more really exciting news about some friends that will be visiting! CAN'T WAIT

Oh and FYI I'm still movie mad. I'll share later what I've watched since last time I blogged, which was {blush} AGES ago. Sorry :-{

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  1. Hi Kate, That course sounds brilliant. I'd love to know how to make an ironing board cover! If you saw the state of the current one....
    Hope you have a great time sewing!
    Geraldine x


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