Purchase Of The Week

I'm going to start doing a series of regular posts every week, one of which is going to be "Purchase Of The Week"
I'm going to post it either on a Saturday/Sunday of each week (at least that's the plan anyway).

It could be something that's on special offer that I think is a really good bargain and want to tell you about OR just something I want to share with you that is a special purchase for me (like this weeks)

Also if you see something in "Purchase of the Week" that you'd like me to review (after I've used it for a bit) please leave a comment and let me know and I'd be more than happy to tell you what I think.

SO onto this weeks purchase...........

After a long time of will I won't I, I finally got myself A KINDLE

I'm so excited about getting this. I've been eyeing this up since before Christmas and thought that if I waited till after Christmas that "maybe" they'd be reduced in the sales but that never really happened and since I got some money for Christmas and hadn't spent it I thought "what the heck" so I gave in and got one.

I also purchased a cover for it. It wasn't my first choice but they didn't have a great selection left at the shop but I actually really like the pink now.

Another thing that had made me hold off till now (besides the price) was that I was worried that I might not make use of it but sure we'll see what happens.
At the moment I'm making use of it and love it. I'm hoping it will make me read more.

And again like I said this is a "special" purchase. Don't expect to be seeing stuff like this every week ;-)

Do you have a kindle? if you do I'd like to hear what you think of it.
Also if you have one check out Pixel of Ink they offer free and bargain kindle books everyday.


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