What I Got In My February Glossybox

Here's what I got in my February Glossy Box

First up I got the Como Shambhala Invigorate Body Lotion. OMG this smells SO gorgeous and makes your skin feel fabulous. Definitely one of my favourites out of the box.
Then there was the Paul Mitchell Round Trip which I haven't used yet because it's for curly hair and I've been wearing my hair straight but I can't wait to try it out on my curls.

Next up is the BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow. I'm glad I got the eyeshadow but would have preferred a different colour. I know some people got a pink and while I'm more of a brown/bronze girl myself I would have preferred the pink to the black BUT having said that's what Glossy Box is all about trying new things.
The Duwop Venom Lip Gloss is the most gorgeous colour. Perfect for me. Exactly the colour I like and while the is a warning about it making your lips tingle I didn't really notice any tingling. I even saw some people online say that they had a reaction to it so I was nervous trying it because I seem to be Ultra senstive to things and react to everything BUT I'm glad to report that I had no reaction and LOVE this. It is another one of my favourites from the box.

And last up I got this Dr Bronners Magic Soap. I've heard a lot of good things about this. One being that it's great for cleaning make-up brushes but I was a little disappointed to get it in my Glossy Box the only reason being that the RRP is £1.99 so that hardly makes it a luxury product.

Overall I was pretty happy with my February Glossy Box. It wasn't one of my favourites of all time but I will make use of nearly all the products in it which in my mind makes it worth the money.

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