Penney's / Primark Mini Haul

I have never done any haul posts before but I was shopping a couple of weeks ago and picked up a few quick things in Penny's (that's Primark to those of you that don't live in Ireland) and I thought you'd like to see what I got

As I said it's a "mini" haul and I only picked up a few quick bits. I actually went in because I wanted to get a new make-up bag and I found this gorgeous one for €3. Animal print is not my thing but I fell in love with this when I saw it. SO pretty!
Then OF COURSE I spotted some scarves. My scarf addiction has taken over from what used to be a handbag addiction but you know I don't mind because I DO actually wear them. And now I try to look out for different colours to match different outfits. Somehow this time I ended up getting a lot of navy !

These first 2 are actually snoods. I LOVE the navy one with the silver hearts (they also had this in a blush pink). I'm not sure about the cream one but I think for the summer it might be cute. It's lacy with little pompoms around the edges.
I picked up the navy one with the brown paisley pattern to go with a brown jumper that I have and it looks great with it. And the final navy one with the owl print I picked up just because it had owls and I couldn't resist it {blush} I have a "thing" about owls (just in case you didn't know) 
The scarves were all €4 each
Last but by no means least I picked up these gorgeous candles. OMG I LOVE the tins they came in. 
And they're 3 wick candles too. Such a bargain at €4 each. 
 The scents I got were Powder Room (which is kind of a Lavender scent)
 And Sea Breeze (which reminds me of Hawaiian flowers). I'm sorry, I'm not great at describing fragrances but they are both really nice.
 So they were the bits I picked up. Hope you liked them!

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