New Year's Resolutions......

......are something I try not to make anymore because I never keep them.
Of course with the start of each new year I say that it will be different and the things that I nearly always say will happen are that I'll eat healthier and get fitter (it generally doesn't last too long) but of course with the onslaught of fitness DVD's that hit the market at this time of year aimed at people like me, I cave in and buy one (as I always do) well if I'm honest I normally buy MORE than one.

Last year I bought a "Strictly Come Dancing" one which I thought would be good as I could learn how to dance while getting fit and end up with a dancers body as a bonus. Yeap it seemed like a great idea at the time but someone forgot to tell my 2 left feet. I jokingly told a friend about how hard it was and she asked if she could borrow it, because she was good at dancing and always wanted to learn properly. Two weeks later she said "Oh my God that DVD is impossible. I couldn't keep up with them". I'm not quiet sure what happened to it as I didn't see it again but it was kind of comforting to know that I wasn't the only one who had problems with it.

Then I decided to invest in "10 Minute Solution". There's a whole range of these for different parts of your body and the one I got was "Dance Off Fat Fast". Mmmm another dance one (I see a pattern forming).
This one I did manage to keep up with but didn't find it very challenging and got fed up with it after a while.

This year I said I wouldn't buy any fitness dvds and then when I went grocery shopping Tesco's I spotted the new Davina McCall DVD and thought that was just what I needed.
I tried it for the first time this morning and managed to do the warm up and 3/4 of the cardio workout before I felt like I was gonna passout! it was tough! But hey the only way is up. If I keep it up I might be able to get through it all by..... this time next year, maybe ??
I do like this DVD the workouts are easy enough for me to do (no complicated steps for my 2 left feet) and yet the workouts are VERY effective or at least the 3/4 of the one I did was. The good thing too is you can mix and match the different workouts to focus on your problem bits.
Here I'll let Davina tell you about it.

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