November Glossy Box

I'm a very late putting this up because my November Glossy Box came while I was in Cork a few weeks ago and I wanted to try the products first before posting. Anyway between one thing and another the weeks were flying by and December was upon us so I was going to skip Novembers box and pop up Decembers but as I don't yet have Decembers (and probably won't before Xmas, I'll explain below what has happened) I thought I would pop up Novembers box.

I had heard a lot of people complaining about this box so I was anxious to get mine and see for myself what I thought of it.

So here's what I got in MY November Glossy Boxand what I thought of each of the products.

This was what my box looked like when I opened it

First product were these perfume samples by Serge Lutens.
There were 2 samples both are meant to be unisex but I feel more like the one in the white box is a woman's scent and the one in the black box is more for men.
One big plus for these is that they were in a little pump (something that I had been hoping for in the samples I got with the last few boxes). I'll be carrying the white one around in my handbag but not the black one. The black is too strong and aftershavey for me.

Next up is this FC5 Ultra Hydrating Hand Crème By Arbonne.
This is the perfect size to also stick into my handbag and smells gorgeous. My hands have been EXTRA dry due to the really cold weather and while I like the feel of this and love that it sinks into my skin quickly I feel like it could be a BIT more moisturising.

This was my absolute FAVOURITE product in the box. It's the Recovery Balm By Monu and was a full size product.
I LOVE this SO much. I cannot say it enough how great this felt on my skin.
My skin was in a bad way when I got home from Cork it was very dry and this was just what I needed. After one application I could feel and see the difference.
I have used it a LOT since I got it but found that I was using it a bit too much because I had a bit of a breakout from it. So now I just use it for approx 2 days of the week (depending on how dry my skin is)

The next thing I got in my box were these Designer Nail Wraps By Nail Rock.
I haven't tried these yet, mainly because the animal print design is not really my style. I saw some other people got a red lace design (that would have been more my taste) and there are some other gorgeous designs in the range (looking at the leaflet that came in the pack)

I didn't get too excited when I saw this in the box. I mean they were just bath salts.
I have used Radox Bath Salts before and was allergic so I hadn't tried any others but I was pleasantly surprised by these ones from Dead Sea Spa Magik.
I had no allergic reaction and they left my skin feeling lovely and soft.
I think out of all the products this was the one people seemed to be complaining about the most. There was a chance of getting 4 other Dead Sea Spa Magik products in your box but most people got these Bath salts and didn't seem to be too happy about it.
All in all I was really happy with what I got in my November box. Now let me tell you what happened with my December box. The December (Christmas) Glossy Boxes were sent out earlier than normal so that everyone would have them in time for Christmas but I noticed that my monthly payment hadn't been taken out of my account.
It normally comes out of my account on the 14th/15th of the month so I contacted Glossy Box about it and apparently there was a technical error and the charge run missed out on me. They were very helpful and are looking into what happened and in the mean time they sent me out a box straight away yesterday morning.
So I guess I'll have to just keep my fingers crossed that I'll receive it before Christmas.
Because people have been getting their boxes since last Monday I haven't been able to stop myself from looking at what's in the box so I have an "idea" of what I will be getting.
Of course there are different combinations of boxes so I won't know for sure until it comes and I really hope it comes before Christmas because it looks GREAT!

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