Elsie's Messy Bun

So over on Elsie Larson's blog I saw that she did a little tutorial on how she puts her hair up in a messy bun.

(Pic Source: A Beautiful Mess)

I love the way she styles her hair but I am totally useless at styling mine and tend to just leave it hang loose.

It looked SO simple that I said I just HAD to have a go and I was so happy with the results.


I had washed my hair the day before and hadn't straightened it. I must try it on straightened hair too just to see how it looks but I think i will prefer the look on my hair curly.

The only thing I did differently to the way Elsie did it was that I forgot to buy new bobby pins so mine wouldn't really hold my hair properly so I tucked the bits of hair into the band that I used to tie the ponytail and then stuck the pins in to make it more secure.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and it lasted the whole day without having to touch it.
I will definitely be styling my hair like this more often!

Head over to Elsie's blog for a step by step of how she did it!

'A Dog's Life' Charity Cards

As promised here are the pics of the cards I made for "A Dogs Life".

They are doggy themed (OF COURSE) but I was really surprised that I only had one dog stamp {blush}
I really couldn't believe it! I had more cat ones than dog ones! And though I have nothing against cats I am really a doggy person!

I didn't photograph them individually coz they're all kinda the same ;-}


"A Dogs Life" do such great work rehoming dogs that I am only to happy to contribute some cards to help them raise money. I only wish I could be of more help.

If you are considering getting a dog please look in your local animal shelters first.
There are SO many dogs that need to be rehomed and ok some of them may not be the prettiest or the youngest but they don't deserve to be thrown on the scrap heap!

Check out "A Dog's Life" Facebook Page HERE
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