Purchase Of The Week

This weeks purchase is probably a really obvious one (to those of you who are fans as well that is)
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn DVD was released on Friday (here in Ireland) and I picked up my copy in Tescos.

I normally get the HMV edition because they do special character covers (but they're not doing them this time) so I didn't bother driving into HMV when the only difference on their one was that it had a 3d sleeve.
Tescos were also WAY cheaper than Xtravision with this version beating Xtravisions price by €5!

Purchase Of The Week

This weeks Purchase of the Week couldn't be more different from last weeks but like I said last week it could be anything and very random.
So for this week I have this to share with you

YES it is Chocolate Philadelphia and I can also tell you that it's Soooooooooooo yummy.
I had it on fruit Ryvitas and they were so nice.

The Chocolate Philadelphia is on offer in a lot of shops at the moment for €1 so it's a perfect time to try it.
In my opinion if you like chocolate spread or chocolate cheesecake then you'll like this too. I also tried it on cream crackers but wasn't so crazy about it on them and on the pack they say you could put it on digestive biscuits too. Personally I think that would be too sweet for me.
The Ryvitas were perfect.

So are you going to purchase this? Or have you already tried it?
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