Have You Tried The Clarisonic Mia?

So back in March I finally gave in and bought myself a Clarisonic.
I had a voucher from Christmas for Amazon and I had been eying up a Clarisonic since last year but thought that it was too expensive.
I had heard SO many good things about it but had also seen cheaper imitations so I was torn over which to get. In the end (because I had the voucher and had read varying reviews about the imatations) I went with the Clarisonic.

I bought it from Amazon but it was through a shop on Amazon because Amazon don't deliver the Clarisonic to Ireland. This happens with a few products on Amazon (mainly electrics products in my experience). Now there are other websites you can order the Clarisonic from but like I said I had a voucher so i wanted to stick with Amazon.
The shop I ordered it from was Escentual.com and I would highly recommend them. I ordered on a Wednesday and I received my Clarisonic on a Friday morning and they also threw in a free perfume sample. I know it's only something small but I like little touches like that. So i would definitely recommend ordering from them.
The Clarisonic with them is €150. I KNOW it's expensive.

Now I know the question you're asking is.............Is it worth the money?

WELL in MY opinion YES!
Before owning one myself I was a bit reluctant to spend that much money on a beauty product but since I got the Clarisonic the texture of my skin improved from the very first use.

The one I purchased was the Clarisonic Mia in blue (it comes in a variety of different colours) and comes with a sensitive brush head and a Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser (which I haven't used). I use it with my regular cleanser, morning and night.

I heard so many people saying good things about it and wondered if it could really be as good as they were all saying and it really is.
SO if you are "thinking" about getting one I would say stop thinking and purchase it, you won't regret it.

One thing I will say before you purchase, check out the differences between the Clarisonic Mia & the Clarisonic Original. The Mia is more of a travel version and slightly cheaper than the original version BUT with the original version you can purchase brushes for your body too so decide on what you want to use your Clarisonic for before you purchase.
The Mia suited my needs best but I have to admit I do wish you could get the body brushes for it.
Other than that I totally love it and would not be without it now.

Scrapbooking Limerick Class

SO last month I went to the very first "Scrapbooking Limerick" Class which is run by my friend Eva.
It was a great day where I got to meet loads of crafty women.
We got a fabulous kit, did a great class and even got lunch all for the brilliant price of €25.
You can see the Layout I made from the class below.
Because the class was around Easter that was the theme and I decided to use this pic of my Aunt (taken last year) in her Easter Bonnet. They were having an Easter Bonnet competition at the day care center that she used to go to.

I love how it turned out.

Check out Eva's original Layout HERE (I pretty much stuck to the class ;-})

Also we had the lovely Kate from Create with Kate there with her shop :-D
I was very good and just made one small purchase (I did make up for it a couple of weeks later though, I'll tell you about that in a separate blog post)
I totally fell for this Bo Bunny Mini Album when I saw it (though I don't have A CLUE what I'm going to do with it)

The next "Scrapbooking Limerick" class is Sunday 13th May and is going to be an Album in a box!
SO excited. Also Kerry from An Siopa Bui is going to be there with some goodies (eeeeeek)

If you're in the area and want to attend the class I think there are a couple of places still left but you better be quick if you want to grab one.

Go HERE for all the details you need to book the class and also while you're there have a look around Eva's Blog for lot's of crafty inspiration!
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