Inside My March Glossybox

I was SO excited to receive my March Glossy Box because it was a special Harrods Edition.
I'm loving the Special Edition Boxes but the OCD in me is not liking that the boxes are different colours and now none of my boxes match ;-} I know.....I just like things matching, so shoot me.

Anyway this is what the Harrods Special Edition Glossy Box looked like..........

White with the Glossy Box logo/emblem on the front

And this is what it looked like inside........

First thing that caught my eye in the box was the Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour in the shade Honey Trap.
I was a bit disappointed when I saw this because I got a Leighton Denny polish in one of my other Glossy Boxes and only used it once as I didn't like how it went on BUT I gave this one a go anyway because the colour is such a me colour. I love beigey brown nail polish and I have to say this one was totally different to the last one I had. I absolutely LOVED it.
I don't know if it was the way I applied the other polish that made it go on funny so I'm going to give it another go because there was no issues with this one I loved everything about it. The way it went on the colour and ESPECIALLY that it lasted nearly a week without chipping. Long lasting polish is always important to me.

The second thing in the box was this Revive Intensive Creme which I haven't tried yet so I can't say what it's like, other than it feels nice on my hand.
One of the reasons I haven't tried it yet is because I'm afraid I'll like it too much and there is no way I could afford to buy the full size product at £235 for a 60ml tub.
And to be honest even if I could afford it I would NOT spend that kind of money on a cream.

Next up is this Bliss Body Butter (Blood Orange & Black Pepper).
I saw various reactions to the smell of it online and people either loved it or hated it. There's no in between with this.
As for me I LOVED the smell of it and the actual butter itself left my skin feeling and looking GORGEOUS.

And just to make sure that my body is looking super gorgeous for all the summer weather that we are going to get {giggles} I also got a Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream.
Well what can you say about Clarins? It's a good old reliable that does exactly what it says on the tube.

And last but certainly not least is this Versace Perfume. I don't know what I can say about it other than it is DIVINE. I don't fall in love with many perfumes but this one OMG. I actually looked it up straight away to see if I could afford to buy it and was so excited to see that it was perfectly affordable and then I looked at how much it would cost to ship it my heart sank. The shipping was nearly as much as the perfume itself so my head was telling me that was not a good purchase but my heart was telling me that I loved it so much.
So I looked around here to see if I could find somewhere selling it and I did find that Debenhams sell it but it's pretty expensive (nearly the same as if I was to purchase it from Harrods and get it shipped) SO it'll have to wait till...... I don't know when, but it's definitely top of my list when it's time to purchase a new perfume.

The bottle it came is SO cute and is a really decent size for a sample. It's only a 4.5ml but I've used it a lot and it still has load in it. It's not a spray bottle and as you know by now I hate the sample vials that you get but this is quite a chunky bottle and I love it.

So that is what was in my March Glossy Box. I loved pretty much everything that was in the box.
And even though tomorrow is May 1st as we speak I'm awaiting my April Box.
I know it has been shipped as I received an email on 25th so fingers crossed for my box tomorrow.
If you are interested in finding out MORE about Glossy Box

And if I do receive my Glossy Box tomorrow I'm going to photograph and post straight away because I have been slacking a lot with my posts lately (Sorrreeeee)

ETA: It's Friday 4th May, the postman has just gone and I still haven't received my April Glossybox :-( The waiting game continues

What I Got In My February Glossybox

Here's what I got in my February Glossy Box

First up I got the Como Shambhala Invigorate Body Lotion. OMG this smells SO gorgeous and makes your skin feel fabulous. Definitely one of my favourites out of the box.
Then there was the Paul Mitchell Round Trip which I haven't used yet because it's for curly hair and I've been wearing my hair straight but I can't wait to try it out on my curls.

Next up is the BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow. I'm glad I got the eyeshadow but would have preferred a different colour. I know some people got a pink and while I'm more of a brown/bronze girl myself I would have preferred the pink to the black BUT having said that's what Glossy Box is all about trying new things.
The Duwop Venom Lip Gloss is the most gorgeous colour. Perfect for me. Exactly the colour I like and while the is a warning about it making your lips tingle I didn't really notice any tingling. I even saw some people online say that they had a reaction to it so I was nervous trying it because I seem to be Ultra senstive to things and react to everything BUT I'm glad to report that I had no reaction and LOVE this. It is another one of my favourites from the box.

And last up I got this Dr Bronners Magic Soap. I've heard a lot of good things about this. One being that it's great for cleaning make-up brushes but I was a little disappointed to get it in my Glossy Box the only reason being that the RRP is £1.99 so that hardly makes it a luxury product.

Overall I was pretty happy with my February Glossy Box. It wasn't one of my favourites of all time but I will make use of nearly all the products in it which in my mind makes it worth the money.

If you want to try out Glossy Box for yourself Click HERE for more info

What I Got In My January Glossybox

Yes I know it's April and I'm now only loading what I got in my January Glossy Box {blush}
I actually nearly didn't even bother doing it because I'm so late but as I had the pics taken I said I might as well.
First of all I need to tell you what happened with my December Box and why there are no pics of that.
It's simple really...............I never got one.
Yes the BEST box of the lot and I missed out! And I nearly missed out on this one too.

Long story short I was skipped out on the pay run due to a technical error that Glossy Box had and even though they dispatched a free December box to me to make up for it I have yet to receive it (so I have given up on that at this stage).
The same "error" was happening again with this box so I ended up receiving it pretty late (and that is partly my excuse for only putting this up now ;-)

You may be asking why I still want to get Glossy Box after the amount of trouble I have had with it well........... I actually love trying the products in it and it's one of the only beauty boxes that deliver to Ireland.
I really wish they would dispatch the Irish boxes first (to allow for the extra delay). I have been getting boxes since September last year and not once have I not known what's going to be in the box.
It's never a surprise for me because we get them nearly 2 weeks AFTER the people in UK so it's all over the Internet before it arrives.
Ok rant over ......on with the show.

Let me tell you about the January Glossy Box (which was the Valentines Special) and what I received in mine

First off to make it look EXTRA Valentiney they changed the box from light pink to a fuchsia pink (which I actually wish they'd keep!) and inside instead of the usual black paper there guessed it PINK paper, it was super cute.

First up I got this Eyko Skinny Eyeliner in Black. I was really happy with this because I needed a new eyeliner and this one goes on really nicely and stays on through out the day. If you notice in the pic above (of the contents of the box) the blue box is the eyeline. It's really long. The idea of that is so that you can use the eyeliner right down to the end. There's a handle on the end of it and you can pare the liner right down to the handle.
While the idea is great in that nothing goes to waste the downside is because the eyeline is SO long it wouldn't fit into my makeup bag that I carry in my handbag.

I also got Davines Authentic Formulas Cleansing Nectar which I haven't tried yet but look forward to trying because it's organic and natural and should be perfect for my sensitive skin!

Next up I got Murads Skin Perfecting Primer. The colour of this wasn't quiet right for my skin but i'll experiment with it through the year as my skin colour changes through the summer. I like that it came in a handy pump bottle (rather than a sachet)

The Davines Moisturising Balm smells SO gorgeous! You can use this on you face/ hair/ body.
I don't think i'll be using it on my face but can't wait to try it on my hair and body.

And finally I got this FAB (First Aid Beauty) Gentle Body Wash. Perfect for sensitive skin (which if you didn't know I HAVE). This feels lovely and left my skin feeling lovely and soft. I'm actually tempted to buy the full size of this!

And that's what was in my January Glossy Box.
Sorry for the SUPER late post.
What's in my February Glossy Box post will be up very soon and I'm photographing March's one as we speak!
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