October Glossy Box Review

As the title says this is my review of the October so this was what the October Glossy Box looked like.

Because Glossy Box were celebrating 6 months in business, this month instead of having the normal 5 products there are 6 in this months box

First product was this Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner. I was SO excited when I saw this because I'd heard of the brand but had never tried it before, so of course the first thing I did was twist it up to have a look. BIG MISTAKE. It twists up but doesn't twist back down again.
For something that is such a good brand this was a huge disappointment (only because of that) I ended up having to break off the part that I had twisted up in order to put the lid back on again. In my opinion that is a major design fault.

Next up is this Leighton Denny Expert Nails High Performance Colour. I've only used this once and I think I may have applied it too thick because it didn't look very good. I haven't tried it since but will give it another go because I've heard good things about it.

This months box also had some perfume samples, again in vials ;-/ These ones were by Robert Piguet (who I have never heard of before) and were called Fracas, Visa and Calypso. They all smelt really different from each other so I'm sure there is something to suit everyone's taste.
Last but not least my favourite products from the box the Dermalogica Products. I got a MultiVitamin Thermafoliant, a MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque and the freebie 6th product was a Renewal Lip Complex and also a little bag to put them in. The only one I've tried out of this bunch is the Lip Complex and I really liked it but I look forward to trying these because I've used Dermalogic before and found it really good.

So that was October's Glossy Box. I received an email to say my November one was on the way so I should have it this week (hopefully). I have to admit I've had a peek at what's in the box this month so it's not going to be a surprise but I'm still anxious to get it and see if I like it.

Glossybox September Review - Finally

SO it's been ages since I posted about me subscribing to GlossyBox and I'm sorry this review and look at it is only being posted now.
There are various reasons the mains ones being that after I posted originally and saying that I expected to get it a few days after I didn't receive it for a week and a half after that.
Then I photographed everything and went to do my post only for my phone to break (all the pics were on my phone and as I had used some of the things I couldn't retake the pics) So I sent my phone off for repair and was sent a brand new one.
In the meantime I had received my second (October) GlossyBox so I thought I do a double post and review both boxes.Great idea, right? WRONG.
There was a fault with the camera on the phone and I had to send it away AGAIN.
You would have thought I'd have learned my lesson from the month before and not used my phone to take the pics but oh no I made the same mistake twice!
So anyway after everything I'm finally getting around to posting this and I got an email to say that my 3rd GlossyBoxis actually on the way. I'm excited.

So here is what I got in my September Box and what I thought of them.
I will put the October one up later today and the November one as soon as it arrives.

When you get your box it arrives like this inside a sturdy patterned box

And when you open it up it looks like this. Packaged up like a present with a card to tell you all about what's inside. The card also has discount codes for full size products of what's in the box because remember it's sample size products that you get but having said that you sometimes do get FULL sized products.

So this was what my September box looked like. I was really happy when I opened the box and saw TWO full sized products in there.

Let's start with the full size products. The first one was this HD Brows(Eye&Brow Palette)
This is worth £19.95

Now I don't need a brow kit. My eyebrows are very dark already BUT the great thing about this kit is that if you don't need a brow kit you can use it as an eyeshadow and eyeliner.
LOVE this product!

Next up ANOTHER full size product. The Neal and Wolf (HARMONY Intensive Care Treatment). This product is worth £12.95 and was my favourite product in the box.
It smells gorgeous. It was the first thing I could smell when I opened the box, without even opening the tube. I have a very sensitive scalp so I can't use everything but this totally agreed with me and left my hair feeling soft and gorgeous and smelling fabulous.

Next up is the Dead Sea Spa Magik (Salt Brushing). You get 2 sachets of this. They are decent size sachets. I haven't tried these yet so I can't comment on what they're like.

This was my least favourite product in the box.
I love perfumes but I can't stand samples in little vials. I like when they come in little pump bottles. The perfume was a bit strong for me. I liked it when I smelt it in the vial but when I wore it it didn't smell nice on me.

And last but not least was this Kimia (Exquisite Rejuvenating Facial System).
It's a two step skin treatment that has an oil and a activator. You massage in a few drops of oil into your face and then follow that with a couple of pumps of the activator.
I was worried about using this because my skin is really sensitive and can react badly to lots of products but I decided to give it a go.
When you join Glossy Box they ask you to fill out a form and ask lots of questions about your skin, hair type etc so that they can tailor you box to what suits you best. I had filled in that my skin was sensitive and this was a natural product so I thought right here goes.
I used it in the evening before going to bed. My skin went VERY red after using it though it didn't feel like it was burning or anything, it looked like a bad reaction BUT it did feel very soft. I was nervous when I woke the following morning half afraid to look in the mirror but when I did all the redness had gone and my skin did feel lovely and soft. I need to give this another go because it says to experiment with the ratio of oil to activator to suit your skin so I'm thinking I need more activator and less oil.

Overall I was really happy with my box and thought it was well worth the money.
One of the full size products covered the price of the box.
October review will be coming later today ;-)

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