Boots Bargain Haul

I'm calling this my boots Bargain Haul because these are the goodies I got in their 3 for 2 promo that they had on recently.

The promo was over all the make-up ranges and the haircare ranges and they're mix and match through out the ranges so there was BRILLIANT value to be had.
I stocked up on some of my favourite products and also picked up some that were new to me that I had wanted to try but hadn't gotten around to purchasing yet.

Also this wasn't all in one trip. I paid 2 visits while the promo was on. Anyway this was what I picked up
Let's take a closer look shall we?

First up I got my "go to" foundation. I have been using Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid for quite a while now and love it. That ended up being my freebie product out of these three as it was the cheapest. The primer I spotted and wanted to try (I've never had it before) and the brush set seemed like such good value.
Next up I got my go to shampoo & conditioner. I love Aussie shampoo but this is a new one that I haven't had before. I also got a Revlon lip butter. I have 2 other Revlon lip butters that I'm not crazy about so we'll see if I get on any better with this one.
More Maybelline goodies.  I've heard so much about the colour tattoo's that I was dying to try one. This isn't the colour I wanted but the best out of the ones they had. I love the colour of the lip gloss so I can't wait to try that out and the last Maybelline mascara I had I loved (not sure why I didn't pick it up again) but I decided to try a different one this time.
SO much talk about the Barry M Nail Gelly Nail Paints that I just HAD to get them and I picked up the lip gloss as my freebie but made a mistake with the colour. This WASN'T the one I tested but it was in the space for it and I picked it up without paying too much attention. I had a look when I went back the second time but they were out of the colour I wanted ;-(
The next 3 things I picked up were the Rimmel ScandelEyes Eye Liner (been hearing good things about this), the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and another Barry M Gelly Nail Paint ;-}
Finally the last lot of 3 for 2's that I got were these Rimmel goodies. I wanted to try out this Match Perfection Foundation. I've seen a lot of people online talking about how good it is and a friend of mine says she swears by it too and her skin always looks great. I do love my Maybelline Foundation (as I said) but sometimes it's good to switch it up a bit. And I just HAD to try the Apocolips Lip Lacquers.
These wipes weren't part of the 3 for 2 offer but they WERE half price which made them good value. I wouldn't pay full price for them (they were over €4 at full price) and to be honest I only wanted them for removing eye make up but at half price I thought they were good value.
And finally I spotted these and fell in love with them. They weren't on offer but were so cute. They're called Jelly Tot Earrings. Don't they look JUST like Jelly Tots?

So that's my Boot Bargain Haul. Did you manage to grab any bargains while Boots had this great promo on? Please let me know in the comments below if you did. I'd love to know.
I am now on a beauty ban for the next 6 months! After this little lot I doubt I'll need to pick anything up for that length of time LOL

Expect lots of reviews of these products as soon as I've gotten around to trying them out.

Are there any products above that you're really anxious to know about? Let me know and I'll test them out first.

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