I Went To See Eclipse Last Sunday.......

....they were showing previews and of course I couldn't wait. I decided to go to an early showing (10.45am) in "The Storm". It ended up being a really good decision because there was only about 15 people in the cinema. I also got a free keyring (yay). I know, I know it's easy to please me.

Anyway back to the film. It was definitely the best of the three. Some of the things I liked about it (without spoiling it for those who haven't seen it yet) this one has LOTS of action in it as well as some comedy thrown in. I felt it really needed the bit of comedy so it's not as dark as the others. Charlie (Bella's father) has some of the best comedic lines in it, I found myself giggling away. Another thing I thought was good was that they explained more about the backgrounds of the other characters, something that was really lacking in the other films. If you hadn't read the books it would be really hard to even know who some of the other characters were.

So there you go really worth a look in my opinion (I may be a bit biased LOL)


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  1. Was in Leister Sq. in London by accident the night of the Eclipse premier so got to see some of the cast from a looong way off. Looking forward to seeing the film. I have seen the other two and have read the books. Good story lines.



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