I've Gone A Bit Movie Mad

Well what with all the rain and the World Cup I started looking at lots of movies and while I am guess what else I'm doing?? Yeap CRAFTING!!

Can you believe it?? I will show you what I've been making as soon as I load the pics up to the computer, in the meantime here's what I've been watching.

Shutter Island
This is a must see. It's brilliant. Leo at his best!

Hatchi: A Dogs Tale
If you can watch this movie and not cry then you are made of stone. Seriously have a very, very big box of tissues for this one.

This was good but VERY long

The Lovely Bones
Another MUST see

Up In The Air
I fell asleep half way through this{blush}.


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  1. Love this post! I absolutely ADORED Hachi (but cried the whole movie through!), and thought Shutter Island was fabulous, along with The Lovely Bones :)) Loved your thoughts on them! Great choices!


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