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So I may or may not have mentioned a few times how in love I am with my iPhone (& yes 2 years later, I still love that thing) and one of the things that I totally love about it (and one of the things that attracted me to it) were the apps.

I recently discover the Tim Holtz App and wanted to tell you about it. Yes Tim Holtz has an App, doesn't everyone?
Here's a look at what you see on the main home page where you can access his blog/facebook/twitter at the touch of a button. You can also see on the calendar where in the world Tim is but my favourite part of this app has got to be the products & wishlist sections

The thing that's so handy about this is that you can keep track of what products you have and you will never make a repeat purchase again! When you click into the products section you see the screen on the left and then when you click into one of the different sections you can see all the different products. If you have a product just click the arrow on the left and it turns green if it's a product you want click on the heart on the right and it automatically adds it to the wishlist. Oh another really handy thing is you can email your wishlist to people. You know with Christmas coming and all Santa needs to know what you want right?

Another really useful part is the video section where you can check out different demos by Tim. There's also an "About" page and a really useful QR reader (which is always handy to have)

If you're a crafter and love your Tim Holtz products then you are totally gonna love this app. I think it's well worth downloading and gets my App-roval (ooh that was bad!)
The Tim Holtz App is available in the Apple iStore HERE or in the Android Store HERE and is free to download.

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