'Little Things' Mini Book

I've only just realised how appropriate the title of this mini book is for this blog.

The hilarious thing is that it was made long before I renamed the blog (or even thought about renaming it)

I made this back in April at a class I attended by the lovely Mandy. It is VERY different to her original minibook (you can see a bit of Mandy's one HERE) but I'm delighted with how it turned out, especially after saying to Eva (who did the class with me) that I was totally NOT into vintage at all, boy was I wrong ;-}



  1. Stunning, absolutely beautiful!! This made me all proud you vintage junky!!

  2. Please please show how to make these. I love this Minnibook. Man I am jealous of this!

    Have a really nice day

    xoxo Minnie

  3. This is the cutest little book I've ever seen :)


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