Essence 'Breaking Dawn' Collection

ETA: Prices (for Ireland) & info on which countries the collection will be available

I am so excited that Essence are joining up with Summit/Lionsgate to bring the official Twilight "Breaking Dawn Part 2" make-up collection because it means that it will be available here in Ireland (for once)
Normally the Twilight make up is never easily available over here whereas Essence Make-up is available in Penny's (Primark) and pharmacies nationwide ;-)

I really like Essence make-up, my favourite being the nail polish. With a top coat it actually does last and seriously who can argue with the prices? It's SO affordable

Take a closer look at the Essence Twilight "Breaking Dawn Part 2" Collection After The Cut

First up the Nail Polishes (€2.49) These look really nice. 

They come in 4 cute colours

01 - Jacob's Protection (Blue)
02 - Alice had a vision (Purple)
03 - A piece of Forever (Gold)
04 - Edward's Love (Black)

I'm also looking forward to the Lip Glosses. The glosses are medium-sheer in dramatic red and intense purple filled with holographic glitter. (€2.49)
I've had other Essence Lip Glosses and loved them so I look forward to trying these out.

These come in 2 shades
01 - Alice had a vision - again (dark purple)
02 - Renesmee Red (deep red)

If lip glosses aren't your thing then there is also a lipstick (€3.09) It's a sheer lipstick with fine gold glitter particles and is creamy to keep your lips silky smooth. The shade is called A Piece of Forever.

The eyeshadow pigments look interesting, can't wait to play with them (€3.09)

 They are available in 4 colours

01 - Jacob's Protection (dark gray with green undertones and iridescent shimmers)
02 - Alice had a vision - again (deep metallic purple)
03 - A piece of Forever (shimmery gold with gold glitter)
04 - Edward's Love (taupe with purple undertones and multicolor glitter)

For even more sparkle there is also glitter liquid eyeliner (€2.89)

Available in 2 colours

01 - Alice had a vision - again (deep purple)
02 - Jacob's Protection (deep blue)

Next Up Shimmer Powder. The shade is called Bella's Secret and is a golden highlighter (€3.79)

And last but not least it this dark reddish blush to give your cheeks a healthy glow with a subtle sheen and is called Renesmee Red (€3.49)
So that's the whole collection. What do you think?
I'm really looking forward to trying the Nail Polish, Lip Gloss and the Pigments.
The Limited Edition collection will be available early November so keep your eyes peeled because I'm sure they'll be selling out pretty fast.

Photos: Essence/Summit Entertainment

Available November and December 2012 in Germany, Austria, Swizerland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Netherland, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, New Zealand, Frankreich, Tschechien, Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, Tunisia, Malta, Thailand, Uruguay, USA.

I've been getting emails asking where to buy in the US. Check it out HERE

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